The first of our monthly cigar connoisseur events was a great success.  The mystery cigar was the Perdomo Lot 23.  Connoisseurs gathered on May 1st and sampled the mystery cigar while enjoying some great cocktails.  The Cigar Connoisseurs Club meets the first Sunday evening of each month.  Group is limited to just 10 people.  Interested in joining us for the next event?  Details can be found here.


May’s Cigar Connoisseur Club

erikConnoisseur: Erik H.
Score: 7.3
Strength: Mild
Appearance: Even Color: minor veins
Feel: firm, silky
Taste: Vanilla, oak, cocoa, cherry wood aroma, no heat
Draw: open
Ash: Flaky, strong
Pairing: light scotch, cask aged Manhatten
robConnoisseur: Rob O.M
Scent: Nuts, pepper, cedar
Appearance: Firm
Taste: Cedar, cherry/clove, vanilla, oak, nutty cocoa, toasted coconut
Feel: firm, pleasant, smooth
Scent: Cedar
Draw: smooth
Other: Pleasant taste, good finish, uneven burn
Pairing: Whiskey, light scotch
garretConnoisseur: Garret L.
Score: 7
Scent: Cedar, cinnamon
Taste: Strong start than smooth, vanilla, caramel to nutty
Strength: mild
Feel: silky
Draw: free
Finish: Nutty to creamy
Other: cool burn
Pairing: cask aged Manhatten
jimConnoisseur: Jim M.
Score: 7
Scent: sweet tobacco, mild spice, hint of cedar
appearance; Med Brown, veined, good cap
Feel: Firm, slightly uneven
Taste: Light cedar, Pure tobacco taste, finished well
Strength: Medium
Draw: even
Other: relaxing, uneven burn, Pleasant
Pairing: Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Heavily peated scotch
billConnoisseur: Bill M.
Score: 7.5 (8.5 if it had burned evenly)
Scent: Hint of cinnamon, hay/straw, cedar, clove?, Sweet smell (honey?)
Appearance: Consistent, no blemishes, silky
Feel: Hard
Taste: oak, clove, vanilla, toasted coconut
Strength: smooth, mellow, rich, mild-medium
Draw: good free draw
Finish: Strong, dark chocolate
Other: good cap, very smooth, would smoke again, uneven burn
Pairing: Bruichladdich Port Charlotte heavily peated scotch
johnConnoisseur: John S.
Score: 8.2
Scent: honey, cedar
Feel: Muted veins, smooth, tight roll
Taste: Cedar, Woody, slight mint
Strength: Strong "Oh my God" start, "F***ing mellow out" a way in. Stronger at finish but still doesn't bite
Other: good sturdy white ash, no heat
Pairing: Jack Daniels Rested Rye



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